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Homosexuals deserve human rights too

By Maria John Mtambalike “Because I am gay, society discriminates against me and looks at me as abnormal, one who does not need basic needs,” said a 22 year old male who has been openly gay for five years now. He explains how life became difficult for him once people knew he was gay. Ally Husein […]

House girls face a hard life in Dar es Salaam

By Noah Lusekelo and Mbuya Godfriend House girls in Dar es Salaam face a difficult life. In their work environments, they are subject to verbal and physical abuse, torture, and exploitation by their employers. The Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) in Dar es Salaam has recognized this problem and declares that the state should […]

Capital Still a Challenge to Small Scale Business Owner

By Kondobole Leonard and Zenorine Donath The success of a business depends on many things, capital being one of them. Despite facing a number of challenges, small scale business owners in Dar es Salaam say that obtaining capital in order for them to start a business is the major hindrance for them to excel. A […]

Dogodogo centre, a home for street children

By Loveness Tendwa Dogodogo Centre Street Children Trust is an non-governmental organization located in Kigogo, Dar es Salaam. It has one house for children, and a Multipurpose Training Centre which provides tailoring, carpentry, multimedia and electrical training for street children who complete primary education. It was established in 1992 with the aim of caring for […]

a girl, marriage and education

By Zenorine Donath Early marriage involving children is, for the most part, considered normal amongst people in Tanzania. Sometimes, it can be due to poverty, but others tend to assume that it is a way for parents to escape responsibility of taking care of their girls. Ms. Dotto Abdallah, a police officer from Magomeni Police […]

Gender desks in police stations tackle gender based violence in Tanzania

By Loveness Tendwa Gender Based Violence (GBV) includes physical assault, sexual harassment like rape, psychological torture, economic violence and extramarital affairs, which President Kikwete considers as a poverty indicator and stated in public that it should be included in the Millennium Development Goals so as to overcome it. Inspector General of Police, Said Mwema, created […]

Violence against women, a universal issue

By Theresia Victor Women’s rights are about everyday life: equal pay, equal access to jobs, freedom from sexual harassment and violence. Violence against women across the world – how it is continually apologized for, excused, and legitimized, simply cannot be ignored. Ashura Shabani, who lives at home, said that so much of the oppression that women […]