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Discrimination against women threatens social development

By Dominic Fortunatus Women are the backbone of rural economies in developing countries, especially in Africa, as they play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of their families. According to the Global Poverty Project, women work two-thirds of the labour hours and provide 70% of the food, and make only 10% of the income […]

a girl, marriage and education

By Zenorine Donath Early marriage involving children is, for the most part, considered normal amongst people in Tanzania. Sometimes, it can be due to poverty, but others tend to assume that it is a way for parents to escape responsibility of taking care of their girls. Ms. Dotto Abdallah, a police officer from Magomeni Police […]

Property rights compromised, lack of human rights education

By¬† Magdalena Olelemakata The violation of property ownership in Tanzania has become a critical problem that impacts women, especially widows, in their life regardless of the rights that protect women in owning property. Anamaria Wiliam (40), a resident of Sudan in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam, faces the problem of losing all her inheritance […]

Violence against women, a universal issue

By Theresia Victor Women’s rights are about everyday life: equal pay, equal access to jobs, freedom from sexual harassment and violence.¬†Violence against women across the world – how it is continually apologized for, excused, and legitimized, simply cannot be ignored. Ashura Shabani, who lives at home, said that so much of the oppression that women […]

Right to work, a thorn-crown to women in Tanzania

By Rashid A. Chilumba Providing education to girls and women in Tanzania cannot be the only thing that rescues women from centuries of male dominance in African societies and around the globe, unless strict legal and policy framework is meticulously implemented to protect their rights. Most girls and women who are educated face greater traditional […]

Superstition, a threat to women’s rights

By Maria John Mtambalike Many women in Tanzania fail to demand their human rights in fear of superstition and witchcraft. Most of these women are widows who are alienated and exploited by their deceased husbands’ relatives, which forces them to live very difficult lives. Imelda Msinje is among those who have encountered problems regarding property […]

Widow inheritance and cleansing practiced widely in Tanzania

By Stella Peter and Martha Malyi Most women in Tanzania are subject to gender based violence whether they are aware of it or not. The situation has become a major problem in the country as a majority of women have had their rights violated, which has caused them to suffer physically and psychologically. Ms. Neema […]