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Tanzania’s media practitioners lack freedom of expression

By Hadija Masoud The mass media constitute the backbone of a democracy, supply political information that voters base their decisions on and identify problems in our societies. It serves as a medium for deliberation and is the watchdog for of error and wrongdoing of those in power. Despite all of this, it’s practitioners in Tanzania […]

67 years of independence, Indian women still endangered

By Jacqueline L Focus It has been six decades of independence in India; 67 years since the country took its first proud steps as a free nation. Stories of independent India; the freedom struggle, freedom fighters and leaders, the history, has been passed down from generation to generation. According to India’s constitution, women are legal […]

True democracy remains a dream in Tanzania

By Leonard Kondobole The right to participate in the electoral process of a democratic country is a basic human right as it ensures that citizens are actively involved in the decision-making processes that put leaders in place, and ultimately hold them to account. When asked, ordinary citizens of Kinondoni in Dar es salaam said that they […]

Muslims urged to remain calm in Sheikh Ponda shooting

By Francis Modeckai and Seif Silavia. Muslims in Tanzania are urged to stay calm in reaction to Cleric Ponda Issa gun shot incident in Morogoro last week and wait for the official investigation report from police. This was said by cleric Athuman Mwigima from Mbagala during his interview with a reporter yesterday. Sheikh Ponda was […]

Traffic jams in Dar es Salaam soon to be non-existent

By Noah Lusekelo The Dar Rapid Transit Initiative (DART) has reported that the major road (Morogoro road) under construction is expected to support the Bus Rapid Transit system in August 2014 from Kimara to Kivukoni, with final construction plans expected to finalize in March 2015. Morogoro road is a major artery in the city, connecting […]

Stakeholders push for environmental education

STAKEHOLDERS PUSH FOR WHETHER CONDITION EDUCATION By Mbuya Godfriend Stakeholders of weather conditions and agriculture held a meeting in Dar es Salaam to discuss scientific research which shows the weather conditions for this period and forecasts it for 100 years in the future. The meeting was organized by The Tanzania Commission for science and technology […]

Human trafficking needs to be addressed in Tanzania

By Jacqueline Focus Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for purposes of sexual slavery, forced labor and for the extraction of organs or tissues. Although it can occur at local levels, human trafficking has international implications, as recognized by the United Nations in the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in […]