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Corruption of health services restrict elderly access to care

By Rashid Chilumba “They say that it’s free, but I have brought her to this hospital almost 7 times and we always have to pay for her treatment” said Theresia Makota, along with her grandmother while waiting for treatment at Zakhem hospital at Mbagala in Dar es Salaam The implementation of the government’s policy for […]

Tanzania’s media practitioners lack freedom of expression

By Hadija Masoud The mass media constitute the backbone of a democracy, supply political information that voters base their decisions on and identify problems in our societies. It serves as a medium for deliberation and is the watchdog for of error and wrongdoing of those in power. Despite all of this, it’s practitioners in Tanzania […]

Property rights compromised, lack of human rights education

By  Magdalena Olelemakata The violation of property ownership in Tanzania has become a critical problem that impacts women, especially widows, in their life regardless of the rights that protect women in owning property. Anamaria Wiliam (40), a resident of Sudan in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam, faces the problem of losing all her inheritance […]