Traffic jams in Dar es Salaam soon to be non-existent

By Noah Lusekelo

The Dar Rapid Transit Initiative (DART) has reported that the major road (Morogoro road) under construction is expected to support the Bus Rapid Transit system in August 2014 from Kimara to Kivukoni, with final construction plans expected to finalize in March 2015. Morogoro road is a major artery in the city, connecting Dar es Salaam to different regions in Tanzania.

Barakael Mmari, the General Manager of Tanzania Road Services (TANROADS) said the program, which is under the Ministry of Construction, Surface and Marine Tanzania Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA), the Prime Minister’s Office and the Dar es Salaam City Commission (DCC) is aimed at improving people’s lives and encourage rapid development in Tanzania’s largest cities, including Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and Mbeya.

He added that the program is “expected to provide more than 3000 employment opportunities to bus conductors and bus drivers, bus engineers, and bus cleaners. It will create an opportunity for the private institutions to give more employment opportunities to the people around Morogoro road.”

The Deputy general director of DART, Asteria L. Mlambo, in a report on the construction process for the Parliament Committee of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the process has achieved a level of 30% completion since 2007 when the project was implemented. She added that the program failed to develop faster due to issues of settlement along Morogoro road.

“The end of this construction is expected to increase employment to the Tanzanians with more than 1500 opportunities, promoting good services to the passengers who will be interring in Dar es Salaam and for those who will be going out of the city, their journey will spend less time comparing to previous and the buses will have a capacity of taking more than 100 passengers at once,” Mlambo added.

She used the opportunity to advise citizens who have been refunded for their land to vacate as soon as possible to give construction workers the chance to continue their work with reasonable efficiency. Many of these property owners are fighting their relocation in court.

The Deputy Minister of Construction, Hawa Hamisi, told the reports that “we expect to reduce all traffic jam in Dar es Salaam and other fast growing cities, we continue to construct U-turns in different crossing roads and we will construct fly over road in order to make sure that the problem is no longer existing in the country.”

Noah believes in advocating for children’s right to education and believes that parents are responsible for ensuring this right is recognized. As a journalist, Noah hopes to become the voice of the society and to be an advisor of human rights. 


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