Poor government planning increases cost of living

By Hadija Masoud

Dar es Salaam. Two business people Mr. Abdalah Seif of Kinondoni district and Ms. Anna Joseph of Tabata Kimanga yesterday blamed the government for a failure to plan adequately in economic sectors that have now led to an increase in the cost of living.

Ms. Anna (33) works as an entrepreneur producing soap and soft drinks in Tabata. She said that the situation is appalling in Tanzanian societies because most people suffer to fulfill their basic needs in their daily routine. If effective measures are not introduced immediately, she expects that serious crimes will result.

“Actually the problem is more complex than in some parts of the world. Young people are the most affected part with this, because about 74.8 million are unemployed and we know they are potential resource for growth and social developments if gainfully and productively engaged. But they become the source of devastating social tension and conflict because of cost of living to become high and most of them they have no employment” she said.

Mr. Seif said that the government should act seriously, the expenditure have increased and is still growing every year of the budget. Poor strategies in government planning has led to economic hardship, something which denies people’s rights to life and work.

Moreover, the system has a lot of loopholes that allow tax evasion that have led citizens to have poor conditions in their living and working place, including their salaries.

“I am asking the government to help people, the price of food stuffs, bus fare and others costs are very high, we need a relief,” said Mr. Seif.

On the other hand, a police officer of Ukonga Prison Ms. Shani Omary, by telephone interview also said that the nation has a lot of challenges that hamper the development of employment, such as degree holders that are not employable.

“Our education should be seriously tailored to the needs and yearnings of the society. Tanzania is suffering from discriminatory education, education for the rich and education for the poor” She said.

Meanwhile the United Children’s Fund (UNICEF) argues that whilst Tanzania has made great efforts in meeting its domestic and international targets in the alleviation of youth poverty, especially in the areas of education and healthcare, poverty is still an important issue for the country that causes a lot of suffering.

Hadija is currently upgrading her skills in human rights reporting in Dar es Salaam to expand her knowledge of journalism. Her goal is to become an international advocate on issues of women’s rights.


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