Challenges facing Tanzania education sector can be solved

By Loveness Tendwa 

The right to education is not well guaranteed in the Tanzanian constitution, rather it is treated as a privilege under Article II which requires members of community to strive on their own for better education and does not oblige the government to offer compulsory education to its people as a right. To treat it as a privilege is a challenge, still the education sector faces many challenges.

As the quality of education continues to decreases since 2007, last year’s form four results was among the most discouraging results in Tanzania as only 6% of student passed the exams and 34% got division IV and the worst of it 60% got division 0.

Kamene Secondary school, located in Ilala, Dar es Salaam has been established 14 years ago and in their past year result they experienced one of worst that has ever occurred in their school. One student got division I, seven students got division II, 20 students got division III, 110 students got division IV and 31student failed compared to previous results.

This poor result was caused by different factors such as laziness of students, lack of support from parents, lack of trained teachers for new competence curriculum, and a lack of student motivation as well as student drop out rates and globalization.

“Different efforts has been taken to improve this situation in Kamene and one of them is parental meetings for the aim of encouraging their support for students as well as seminar to boost up student career which involve expertise like doctors, accountants, engineers as well as journalists who provide a way for students to make their dreams come true” said Mr. Godfrey Gosbert, the second master of the school.

He added that the government should have uniformity for production of books which abide the new competence curriculum as well as training of teachers so as to have experience of the new competence curriculum which has been used in the format of examination.

The Headmistress of school, Mrs. Ngowi said that the motivation for students is the key for development for their studies and that the school has been providing students with presents such as books so as to motivate them to study hard as well as the provision of better working environment for the teachers.

Martha Lazaro and Gasper Mwenda are students of Kamene school who said that early preparation as well as concentration on studies rather that other involving much in things like social media could help them to perform well in their studies.

David Fredrick said, “Internet cafe was a problem since most of time students engage in chatting through social media like face book but now the school has put rules regarding cafe which gives student more time with their studies than internet.”

A better relationship amongst students and teachers could help students together with reducing overconfidence among students that could help them to have a good future said Latifah Aron and Gift Obey, form one students.

Loveness is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism at St. Augustine University of Tanzania. She is interested in both broadcast and print media. In her leisure time, she loves to watch Korean dramas and listen to slow music.


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