Tourism remains stable on mainland following Zanzibar acid attack

By Dominic Fortunatus

Tourism numbers for Tanzania’s Mainland remain stable despite the acid assault incident against two British girls, Kristie Trup (18) and Katie Gee (18) in Stone town, Zanzibar.

According to the Head of Tourism Department in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr. Alexander Franklin, the number of tourists who visit the tourist attractions in Tanzania’s Mainland remain at the same level as it was before the incident of Zanzibar occurred, “We still receive many tourists who came to visit our tourist attractions and now that we are high season we make sure that they are treated well so that they can enjoy and have good stay in our country,” he said.

When asked why the incident brings no harm to Tanzania’s mainland while together with Zanzibar they form Tanzania, Mr. Alexander Franklin said that “usually we in the mainland and Zanzibar we don’t work together in tourism sector and our policies are different from each other. They’ve got their own Department and Ministry that deal with Tourism issues so it’s most likely that what happens on one side will not affect the other side.”

When asked as to what extent the incident has bought problems in the tourism sector in Zanzibar, he said he was not in position to talk about Zanzibari issues while they have their own authority to talk about that matter.

On the other hand, stakeholders who engage themselves in the tourism sector have a different view of the incident and its impact on the Tanzanian mainland.

Mr. Eliakim Mushi, owner of Safari and Tour Guiding Company, said the number of tourists has not yet gone down as many people are still coming to visit attractions but the tension is now rising, and when such an incident occurs it may affect the tourism sector in entire country.

“Things are not bad yet here in Tanzania’s mainland but when this kind of thing is left to proceed it may turn to a disaster in the tourism sector and most of the people, as well as government, will be affected by such results,” he said. 

Impala Selous Safari tour guide, Mr. Juma Hussein, said that in spite of the Zanzibar incident, the trend of tourists remains as it was but the government and other stakeholders in tourism sector must ensure that this kind of issue will not occur again in order to protect the growth of tourism in our country.

In high school, Dominic was an active member of the anti-corruption club and holds a certificate of recognition by the PCCB (Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau), an institution that fights to prevent and combat corruption in Tanzania. His goal for the future is to become a journalist who is able to serve the voiceless and create societal change.


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