Stakeholders push for environmental education


By Mbuya Godfriend

Stakeholders of weather conditions and agriculture held a meeting in Dar es Salaam to discuss scientific research which shows the weather conditions for this period and forecasts it for 100 years in the future.

The meeting was organized by The Tanzania Commission for science and technology {COSTECH} and was attended by various expertise in the agriculture and metrological sectors. The two agreed to put more effort into educating citizens on basic weather conditions that can affect their crops and strategize for crop survival.

The Director General of Tanzania Metrological Agency, Dr. Mohammed Mhita said that science must be used especially to help farmers to practice advanced agricultural expertise in order to increase development.

‘’The government must invest more in education, especially vocational training, in order to have indigenous expertise who can innovate and help to rise to the economic status of our nation as China and Japan use their citizens” said Dr. Mhina.

Professor Clavery Tungaraza, the Director of Science, insists that other institutions in our nation need to put efforts together to improve the agricultural sector so that Tanzanian farmers can benefit.

On behalf of weather condition institution, Mr. Ladislaus Chang’a declared that the authority will provide more education concerning the climate changes in primary schools, secondary and college level. The program started during Nanenane festival.

‘’Not only famers are supposed to get education concerning climate changes but this must start from the lower level of primary school so that our children can use it in their life and be able to make environmental conservation” said Chang’a.

Mrs. James Lauwo, a farmer at Mbezi juu area, declared that the education and information provided by the authorities fails to help them to overcome the impact of climate changes and each year they yield a weaker harvest.

According to the Tanzania Legal and Human Rights Centre 2012 Report, “’effective information system that allow free flow of information are always a key to enhance democracy, accountability and respect for human rights”

Godfriend is a student at St. Augustine University of Tanzania. In the past, he has produced radio programs that focus on the rights of disabled people. His dream is to serve society by bringing light to human rights abuses.


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