Muslim community asks Muslim summit to look into Ponda case

By Theresia Victor

Islamic institutions have responded to the attempted murder of the assistant secretary of the Muslim community, Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda, in Tanzania. Ponda was shot at by police while conducting a meeting with other Muslim members two weeks ago in the Morogoro region.

In their statement, the Muslim community said “Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda conducted a meeting by observing all government rules and regulations which were followed, and still the police shot at him before a Muslim crowd when he was leaving the meeting.”

Muslim community Chairperson, Sheikh Musa Kundecha, added that “they are not in favour of the attempt that has been committed, as the aim was to kill him contrary to the police argument to catch him.”
They also urge that the government conduct a thorough investigation to identify those who are responsible immediately.

Morogoro’s police commander, honourable Fustine Shinogile, says that he is suprirsed by the statement made regarding Sheikh Ponda. He added that “the Muslim community who were against the summit have chosen to look into the matter because they are denying responsibility of the shooting incident, rather the summit should look to Islamic leaders who are trustworthy of the public.”

Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda was hospitalized at Muhimbili hospital soon after the incident occurred and is now facing charges for violating the law which indicates that participation of a meeting of that nature is illegal as it disturbs the atmosphere of society.
It have been confirmed that Sheikh Ponda was taken to Segerea prison soon after being discharged from Muhimbili hospital yesterday.Theresia is currently a journalism student at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, who wishes to explore and learn more about the field. She fancies movies, music, and learning new things everyday. She is a humble person who wishes to become one of the best journalists.


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