Albinism in Tanzania still a problem

By Mpingo Amanzi

Mwananyamala, Dar es Salaam.

Mr. and Mrs. Muhna have more than 9 children, of which 6 are male and 3 are female. Their son Ally (15) is affected by albinism. He escaped attempted murder by his uncle who believed that killing a person with albinism will make him rich.

Ally’s father, Mr. Muhna confirms this claim. He said “My child faced a bad situation because he was living without security of killers who hunt to kill my son. Everyday he can not play with his other friends because of fear. People believe that when they kill an albino person, it causes them to accumulate wealth. All in all, people should know that working hard for money is only way to become rich and the killing of albino’s will not.”

Ally’s mother claims that the security of people with albinism in Tanzania is not good enough, due to the number of deaths that occur daily without media coverage. She blames the government for not taking action to protect people with albinism.

The Chairmen of disabled people in Tanzania (CHAVITA), Mr. Michael Denis said that, “albinos in Tanzania are not different to other people. People will albinism face the grave reality that people want to kill them in a belief that they will then accumulate money. The body part of an albino will not make someone rich, and society needs to know that.”

He says that because of this discrimination and the constant threat to life, people with albinism feel isolated in society.

Mr. Jacob Kajumulo, the local police officer who handled Ally’s case, ensured that the perpetrator was sent to the district court and that the case was processed properly. As a result, Ally was able to return to his home and his life under the security of the police.

Mpingo is currently studying human rights reporting skills, and hopes to use those skills in the future to help those who suffer from human rights violations, especially women, children and disabled people.



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