Acid attack in Zanzibar destroys reputation of the country, citizens complain

By Stella Peter and Martha Malyi

A few weeks ago, two London citizens Kate Gee and Kristie Trup, volunteer teachers in one of the Christian primary schools in Zanzibar, were attacked by two unknown assailants and had poured acid on them.

This incident has created fear in other tourists and foreigners who come to Tanzania either to volunteer or travel, and will impact the help received by the people of Tanzania.

One of the citizen of Tanzania, who lives in Mbezi, said that it is not a good thing since there is no reason for them to do so and that the people who have done this just want to destroy the reputation of Tanzania and their relations with other countries.

“Tanzania is a peaceful nation, let it remain as a peaceful nation. Citizens do not have the right to destroy the peace of the country since under the constitution all people are equal in front of law and have the right to be protected. So as they are here in Tanzania, they regarded as citizens in Tanzania and they have the right to be protected” she said.

Asheri Jeremia, who lives in Ukonga, also said, “In order for the country to develop and maintain its relationship with other countries, they should make a follow up for the people who have done the incidents and punish them as other criminals.”

A student of Tumaini University of Iringa who lives in Dar es salaam, Maria Ebenezer, believes that the girls have been emotionally destroyed at a young age and that people who wish to visit Tanzania as tourists will be discouraged to do so unless the government approaches this incident seriously and prosecutes those who are responsible. This is necessary in order to maintain Tanzania’s good reputation with other countries.

“The Government has to make an effort to prevent the bad usage of acid in the country since now it has been a weapon which has been used against the people of Tanzania and against those who are from outside the country” said a citizen from Temeke, Dar es Salaam.

Stella is a student of Mass Communication with a certificate in Journalism and Media Studies. Stella is passionate about the rights of women and children, and her goal is to focus on these rights in her career as a journalist. 

Martha is interested in writing on human rights, particularly the rights of women. Her goal for the future is to create awareness on violence against women, and make their rights known in developing countries, like Tanzania, where it is an ever-growing problem.


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