Water shortage results in poor sanitation at Muhimbili hospital

By Theresia Victor

Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) is currently struggling with water shortage problems despite promises made by authorities. This has created a chaotic situation for the patients who are hospitalized there.

Patients who are currently receiving treatment have complained about the situation because the water allocated to them is not enough for their needs and survival. This has forced them to ask and beg for water from those around them.

A hospital patient, Mr Nkwibile said “water has become a problem for almost three consecutive weeks as we have been badly struggling with it, the lavatories are in bad shape and that becomes a problem especially for children and woman because they are too fragile and easily get infected with different diseases transmitted through air, he advised the DAWASCO to hurry up and repair those broken pipes so that they can have a health and hygienic situation like before.” DAWASCO is the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewage Corporation.
According to The Citizen Newspaper of Monday, 5 August 2013, ”patients in some wards located in Mwaisela, Sewahaji and Kibasila blocks reported to be accessing water in the taps but through a serious rationing regime.” When The Citizen reported about the water problem last Tuesday, two weeks after the hospital started facing the problem, both the Muhimbili National Hospital and the Dar es salaam Water and Sewage Corporation (DAWASCO) management said they were working to rectify the situation.

”The water shortage has persisted since July 15 and Mr Midala said the problem has taken long to fix because the Tanzania Road Agency did not consult them before and after disrupting the water pipe”, said The Citizen.

Theresia is currently a journalism student at St. Augustine University of Tanzania, who wishes to explore and learn more about the field. She fancies movies, music, and learning new things everyday. She is a humble person who wishes to become one of the best journalists.


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